XStream Field 2


Small size – big performance
Field 2 – our second-generation portable storage unit – is the perfect solution for situations where you need media and project sharing in a small, quiet box.

Designed to meet even the most stringent airline regulations for carry-on baggage, Field 2 can travel with you wherever you go – providing an instant collaborative editing environment in a hotel room, on a film set, at a remote office, or in an ENG van.

Field 2 has all the standard features you expect to find in EditShare’s XStream shared storage models, including hardware RAID protection, enterprise “spinning disk” or SSD drives, media and project-sharing support for Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and Lightworks, the EditShare Sync ToolTM for sending media to another EditShare system over the Internet – even scalability and expandability options.

Field 2 comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for direct connections to client workstations or laptops. Options include adding:

  • up to 10 more Ethernet ports, for a total of 14 direct connections
  • an expansion unit to double your storage, or for sending material shot in the field back to home base
  • a single 10 Gigabit connection for use with a switch a SAS HBA for connection to an Ark Tape Library
  • a 2-channel Flow SDI Ingest card for recording directly to Field 2 storage, including edit-while-capture support for fast-turnaround events. With Field 2 and a Flow SDI card, you can capture an event in a variety of codecs and start editing from central storage within seconds of beginning the recording.


Media asset management
Every Field 2 system ships with our Flow media asset management platform in the box. Flow provides a powerful toolset for the creative control of all files during the production process. From ingest to delivery, Flow will tag, organize and manage your media assets. Flow Automation can handle any repetitive, routine task including transcoding, duplicating and sending confirmation emails and notices. AirFlow, a web-based browse application lets remote users browse, search and download high res or proxy files to support review & approve processes, remote editing or other emerging tasks.

Feature highlights

Flexible Storage Options
Field 2 is available with several different hard drive options allowing you to choose a configuration that best matches your needs, such as greatest amount of storage, highest performance, or best economy.

Impressive Performance
Each four-drive set of SATA drives supports eight streams of ProRes 422 or Avid DNxHD 145 or 24 streams of DV25 or XDCAM-EX 25. 10K SAS and SSD configuration are available for even greater performance.

EditShare Project Sharing
Project sharing lets editors draw on the same central pool of media and work in the same project simultaneously, freely and safely sharing raw material, bins and sequences.

Powerful, Easy Connectivity
Media-optimized Gigabit Ethernet connections combine large stream counts with simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Integrated Flow Asset Management
Every Field 2 system incorporates Flow for file-based ingest, cataloging, searching and browsing, simple cuts-only editing and drag-and-drop into industry-standard NLE applications. AirFlow supports cloud-base workflows such as review-and- approve and remote proxy-based or high res-based editing.

Deletion Security
Controls who can delete files and when. Also, EditShare uniquely includes delete to “Trash” and “Undo” functions.

Ergonomic Carry Bag
An optional Porta-BraceTM carry bag facilitates comfortable transportation of a Field 2 unit.