XStream HT


A heritage of storage innovation
For over a decade EditShare has delivered highly scalable shared storage systems that enable media professionals to deliver outstanding content. With our companion asset management and archiving solutions, EditShare media storage solutions have increased productivity at over 3500 broadcast and media enterprises around the globe.

XStream HT is a shared storage solution for production facilities requiring from 32TB to 480TB of highly-reliable high performance shared storage. As with all EditShare storage products, XStream HT is compatible with Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Grass Valley Edius and the EditShare Lightworks non-linear editing system and enables editors to ope each other’s bins and sequences and collaborate as one team. Every XStream HT is also includes our comprehensive Flow Media Asset Management solution. Thus, XStream HT equips a mid-sized production facility with everything needed to efficiently produce, store, manage and monetize media assets.

Storage configurations
XStream HT is a highly-scalable, flexible storage solution. The basic building block is the XStream HT Workflow Director, a powerful storage server housing either 16 or 24 hard disk drives in a 3U or 4U chassis, respectively. The XStream HT Expansion Chassis can house 16 hard disk drives in a 3U chassis; up to four can be attached to scale up the Workflow Director. And with the EditShare Extreme Scalable Architecture (ES) additional Workflow Directors can be added to scale out storage capacity. XStream HT incorporates RAID6 protection of media files, 1+1 hot- swappable power supplies and operating system drives and 1+1+1 fans for impressive reliability in a mid-sized system.

Media asset management
Flow media asset management platform provides a powerful toolset for the creative control of all files during the production process. From ingest to delivery, Flow will tag, organize and manage your media assets. Flow Automation can handle any repetitive, routine task including transcoding, duplicating and sending confirmation emails and notices. AirFlow, a web-based browse application lets remote users browse, search and download high res or proxy files to support review & approve processes, remote editing or other emerging tasks. For high res workflows, Flow also supports scan and proxy support for 4K and image sequences such as DPX.

Managing XStream HT storage
EditShare Connect enables XStream HT system administrators to easily manage user accounts and privileges, to establish shared media and project spaces,
to define quotas and to perform other system-level tasks. With EditShare Connect, there’s no need to interrupt users for minor tasks like adding users or for major tasks such as the addition of an entirely new storage node to an XStream server group.

Product highlights

The EditShare Extreme Scalable Architecture enables an XStream HT storage server to be expanded by adding a new storage node to the server group. The process of adding nodes is completely transparent to existing users of the system. There is no limit to the number of XStream HT nodes that can be included in an EditShare server group.

XStream HT storage systems employ RAID6 protection against media drive failures and 1+1 power supplies and OS drives and 1+1+1 fans to protect against hardware failures. Power supplies, media drives, OS drives and fans are hot- swappable for uninterrupted operation and fast MTTR.

EditShare project sharing
Project Sharing lets editors draw on the same central pool of media and work concurrently in the same project – freely and safely sharing raw material, bins, and sequences.

Powerful, easy connectivity
Media-optimized 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10 GbE ports allow XStream HT to deliver large stream counts with simple, ubiquitous, cost-effective networking equipment.

Realtime collaboration
XStream HT supports Avid Media Composer®, AvidDS, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, Adobe® Premiere Pro®, Adobe After Effects®, EDIUS, Pro Tools and more.

No per-seat client licenses
Many shared storage solutions require users to purchase licenses for each client device attached to the system. This can sometimes be a barrier to productivity and always lengthens the recovery time for the investment. Like all other members of the XStream family of media storage products, XStream HT requires no per-seat client licenses.